MOON patient chiar

MOON patient chair

The OMS patient chair was conceived to guarantee the maximum securety and comfort, the patient chair thanks to their design in perfect symmetry allow for work standing or sitting position from 8 to 12 and from 12 to 16 hours.

The backrest movement has compensation device that avoids the unpleasant "traction of the clothes" and the need for readjustment of the headrest position at the end of the movement

The OMS patient chair are equipped with backrests type Comf-orth, backrest is ultra-flat and totally free of projecting parts, thus providing a correct operation position for surgery personnel, with the patient laying down flat. At the same time the backrest has an ideal anatomic shape that enables the weight of the patient’s body to be uniformly distribuited, disregarding the difference in build of each patient.

In the zero position, the MOON model (suspended version) offers the patient with the side access and also the direct front access thanks to folding legrest, while being a particularly comfortable solution for the patient also has the added advantage that the operator can assume a "6 o 'Clock' like position, not much for dental surgery, but for checking dental protheses, articulations, etc.


  • Electromechanical lifting, lowering and tilting movements;
  • Backrest rotation movements synchronized with Trendelenburg movements (backrest inclination 55°+ seat inclination 7° “suspended version”) – (backrest inclination 85°+ seat inclination 7° “floor version”);
  • Vertical shift Min 33 cm Max 79 cm;
  • Vertical load capacity 400 kg;
  • Fixed left Armrest;
  • Right Armrest syncronized and may be swung forwards or backwards or even take off (OPTION);
  • Compensated backrest tilting, up to the horizonthal position (OPTION);
  • Free-standing patient chair with ultra-compact basement for best ergonomics in the doctor work position.
  • Differents slim ergonomic backrest for the maximum doctor’s movement freedom during treatment;
  • Articulated headrest standard;
  • Possibility to equip the chair with specific headrests according to dedicated treatment requirements (OPTION);
  • Wrapping seamless upholstery in high quality skay (OPTION);
  • Possible customization with different colors;
  • Integrated connections box;
  • Complete simmetry for right – or left-handed professionals;
  • Double manual controls by means of a joystick like switch located on the chair basement only for the floor chari version (OPTION)
  • Double chairs controls (doctor side – assistant side) are provided for automatic position resetting and mouth rinse operations al last position  located on the foot-safe chair base for quick, intuitive and hygienic chair movements control;
  • Security STOPS on chair basement;
  • Security STOPS on chair backrest;
  • Return to “zero” position, Rinse position and Last position automatic standard programs;
  • Possibility to program 4 additional different working positions (OPTION);
  • Possibility to equip the chair with rotating armrests to ensure easy accessibility and natural comfortable support for patient arms during the treatment (OPTION);
  • Memory foam upholster;
  • Left side drilling for dental unit;
  • Matchable model: all units with suspended and column support box. 
MOON patient chair made by OMS SPA
MOON patient chair made by OMS SPA
MOON patient chair made by OMS SPA
MOON patient chair made by OMS SPA

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