Microscope for dental unit "KAPS"

Karl Kaps merges over 60 years of experience and expertise with the most advanced computer technology to create every microscope system which bears our name. The dedicated Kaps staff of engineers clearly understand that a superior dental microscope is an optical, mechanical and sensory extention of a skilled dentist. The mission is to create microscopes that accomplish this fact. The distinctive Kaps dental-microscope systems are fully customizable to meet the dentists individual needs. For example, the more basic system is designed to be upgraded to many of the more advanced features that are standard on other Kaps dental-microscope systems. The Kaps wide range of optical accessories allows for system configurations to suit virtually all microdentistry requirements. Our components integrate video, still cameras, coobservation and variability of positioning for all applications.

  • Magnification: 5-Step Manual Changer; 1:6 Manual Zoom; 1:6 Motorized Zoom
  • Magnification Range: 1.5x – 40.0x available (dependent upon objectives and eyepieces)
  • Field of View: 120 mm – 7 mm (dependent upon objectives and eyepieces)
  • Illumination Integrated: 15 V/150 W halogen fiberoptic
  • Optional:
    • Integrated LED
    • MH50 metal halide
    • Xenon
    • Integrated variable illumination spot size
    • Orange Filter
  • Objective Lens Types: Fixed focal length fine focus lenses; 100 mm – 400 mm offered in 50 mm increments; Vario objective variable f = 200 mm – 400 mm
  • Eyepieces: 10x; 12,5x; 16x; 20x
  • Beam Splitters:
    • Dual or single output 50/50
    • Dual or single output 80/20
    • Lateral Rotation Device with built-in beam splitter
    • Beam splitter with integrated video camera
  • Co-observation Tubes: Binocular and mono available, Stereo face-to-face system
  • Video/Photo: 1 CCD Cameras; DSLR Cameras (Canon or Nikon)
Kaps microscope

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