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OMS was founded in 1961 and soon, thanks to the brilliant capability of its founder, Engineer Sordina, it became one of the leading Italian companies in the production of dental units for dentists.

It was during the sixties, to be precise in 1962, that Ferdinando Borin joined OMS.

His carrier was not that of a blue-collar, far from it: perseverance, determination and will power led him soon to deal with testing and technical service.

In March 1967, Ferdinando and Carla got married and decided to live in Milan. At the time, Ferdinando collaborated with an OMS dealer from Pavia.

In December of the same year, the Borins became parents and, with the birth of Davide, their will to develop their activity grew. Hence, they became Dealers for the entire region.

Ferdinando acquired expertise and personal prestige, which led him, in 1981, to take part in the Company. At the beginning with 17% shareholding, and then with the majority.

In 2001, after the death of the OMS founder, the Borin family took over the Company. Mrs Carla Pedrazzini became the President, leading the Company according to high moral principles. She invested in the staff and followed an honest and fair business policy through dealers specialised in advice, sales and technical service.

The success of OMS is having suggested, from the beginning, solutions which were at the forefront (such as “PLEIADE”, the first dental unit with suspended chair, designed in 1965 and placed on the market in 1967) and having chosen the S.P.R.I.D.O. system, characterized by the low elevation of the instruments for an ergonomically correct way of working.

The advanced research has always allowed OMS to offer pioneering solutions, such as the first dental chair in the world with programmable systems, the first dental unit BK1 on the double articulated arm, not forgetting the first dental unit with integrated microscope.

OMS have always offered totally made in Italy products, which distinguish themselves through the high quality of its materials and, the professionalism and expertise of OMS staff, the continuous search for improvement and the constant attention both to current and new customers in order to satisfy their various requests.

Every year OMS receives more and more approvals from the foreign market that today, thanks to the export percentage of 85%, it can be considered, for all intents and purposes, as a world Player.

Many people have supported Carla and Ferdinando over the years with their expertise, talent and love for this company.

Today OMS, with Davide Borin, who has joined the Board of Directors, proudly and obstinately preserves the distinctive features of its leadership: the technological innovation and the stylistic development are still influenced by family tradition in order to provide the professionals of the dental world with that quality that does not want to reach compromises.

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